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Export Cargo Declaration

I. To facilitate declaration procedure for travelers, passengers carrying the items below could apply for export clearance directly to the Baggage Inspection division.

  1. To-be-reimported articles, which are not controlled or restricted items and are not exceeding a total value of US$20,000, carried abroad by an outbound passenger might be reimported free of duty.(Please refer to「To-be-reimported Articles」)。

  2. Carrying the articles are not listed on "Consolidated List of Commodities Subject to Export Restriction and Commodities Assisted by Customs for Export Examination", but needs to be signed by Customs Officer.

  3. Carrying aggregate Money Laundering Controlled Items. In some situations, it might need to complete declaration procedure.(Please refer to「Must Know」)。

  4. ATA Carnet is used for temporary admission of goods.

  5. Outbound passengers carrying any bonded items shall make a declaration to customs.

  6. Other services.


II. If you carry the articles below, please submit formal document to the export department to complete declaration procedure:

  1. Valuables (value exceeding USD20,000): Gold, platinum pieces and products thereof, works of art and other valuables.

  2. Exhibits.

  3. Strategic Hi-Tech Commodities carried by ICP (International Control Program) company.

  4. General goods: Agricultural and aquatic products, live animals and plants or endangered species of wildlife or products thereof, articles infringing upon the rights of patents, trademarks and copyrights, Strategic Hi-Tech Commodities carried by non-ICP company, arms and other weapons are not applicable.


III. Operating hours
Monday ~ Friday (holiday excluded), 5:30 ~ 17:30.
Passenger carrying goods which cannot meet the descriptions and opening hours above, please apply to Kaohsiung Airport Branch Customs Clearance Section I in advance.


IV. Required documents

  1. Export declaration form.

  2. Invoice.

  3. Packing list.

  4. Photocopy of passenger’s passport or other identifications.

  5. Photocopy of boarding pass or flight ticket.

  6. Power of attorney for declaration.

  7. Affidavit of authorizing passengers carrying outward.

  8. Other required documents


V. Contact information
Baggage Inspection Section, Kaohsiung Airport Branch (Service Desk): +886-7-8057753
Customs Clearance Section I, Kaohsiung Airport Branch (export): +886-7-8057010 ext.7080


In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the latter shall prevail.

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