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Environmental Pesticides and Veterinary Drugs

I. Environmental Pesticides

    1. For information on allowed quantities of environmental pesticides, please refer to the 「attachment」 to Article 4 of the Regulation Governing the Declaration, Inspection, Duty and Release of Personal Luggage or goods of Inward Passengers online.

    2. Travelers carrying items not listed in the table shall obtain a permit issued by the Environmental Protection Department before importation.

    3. The environmental pesticides listed in the table refer only to those for personal use, subject to a maximum of 1 kilogram in weight (applicable to those in liquid or solid forms).

    4. Frequent travelers shall not carry such items into the country more than once per month. Transit passengers are not allowed to carry such items into the country.

    5. Environmental pesticides in excess of the prescribed limits shall be returned or transferred to domestic authorities for further action.


II. Veterinary Drugs

    1. Prohibited Veterinary Drugs
        Veterinary drugs stated below are prohibited to be carried in, but Dimetridazole and Ronidazole for treating ornamental animal diseases are excluded from such restriction.

        a. Vaccine, blood serum, antibody, bacterin or other biological drugs

        b. Drugs for Food- Producing Animals

        c. Nitrofurans, β- agonists, Chloramphenicol Ortho-dichlorbenzene (1,2-Dichlorbenzene, DCB, ODB, o- Dichlorobenzene)

        d. Olaquindox, Roxarsone, Dimetridazole, Ronidazole

        e. Drugs from the manufacture, dispense, importation, exportation, sale or display of which is banned by the central competent authority by way of public notice based on Article 5, paragraph 1, subparagraph 1 of "Veterinary Drugs Control Act", or from which is restricted its usage and scope or abolished permit by the central competent authority based on Article 14, paragraph 2 of "Veterinary Drugs Control Act".

2. Limit on Amount
Besides the regulations stated in the preceding paragraph, the dosage forms and allowed quantities of veterinary drugs carried by inward passengers or crews are as follows:




Prescription drugs
(or a supporting document)

The amount of prescription drugs to be carried by a passenger with prescription (or a supporting document) shall not exceed the amount stated on the prescription (or supporting document) and shall not exceed the amount for 3 months use.

Non-prescription drugs

A passenger may carry up to 6 bottles of single non-prescription drugs ingredient of one kind, and a total of 6 different kinds which are also satisfied with a maximum of 18 bottles (boxes, cans, bars, sticks, packets, bags), 180 drops (ingots), 1 kilogram or 1 liter is allowed for one passenger.


※ According to the announcement by the Council of Agriculture (COA), passengers may be granted to carry veterinary drugs for use in their own pets, if the drugs carried are not prohibited veterinary drugs and are compliant with the limits on amount. Please consult the COA prior to your travel if passengers are in doubts.



In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the latter shall prevail.

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