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Arrival Procedures

I. Procedures
Inward passenger shall complete the arrival procedures executed by the following authorities (please click the attached links for more information):

    1. Taiwan CCustomsCustomsCustomsCustomsenters for Disease Control (TCDC): prevention to major communicable diseases, e.g COVID-19

    2. National Immigration Agency (NIA): validation of passport and entry visa

    3. Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine (BAPHIQ): quarantine inspection of animals, plants and their derived products

    4. Customs: luggage inspection against smuggling or tax evasion


Arrival Procedures


II. Customs Inspection
Red/Green channels are intended to simplify and expedite the inspection process of inbound passenger’s baggage. After taking into account the features of he carried items (such as the categories, quantities, amounts, intended uses, etc.) in compliance with related regulations, passengers have the right to decide whether to pass through customs via red or green channels.

Customs Inspection

    1. The Red (Goods to Declare/Customs Service) Channel

        a. A passenger who has goods to declare shall proceed to the Red channel and submit a written declaration form to the customs who will inspect the luggage. (Transit passengers who stay at the transit area are excluded.)

        b. Prohibition or requirements for declaration. Please refer to「Prohibited Articles」、「Tobacco Products and Alcohols」、「Duty Exempt Items」、「Agricultural or Food Products」、「Medicines, Cosmetics and Medical Devices」、「Environmental Pesticides and Veterinary Drugs」、「Pets」、「Controlled Items and Others」、「Crews」.

        c. If one has doubts regarding customs clearance on arrival, please proceed to the Red channel for information.

    2. The Green (Nothing to Declare) Channel

        a. A passenger who has nothing to declare could bypass declaration and make their way to the Arrival Hall via the Green channel.

        b. In other words, a passenger entering the Green Channel shall be deemed to have made a statutory declaration that he has no goods in violation, where any false or fraudulent statement detected at site shall be treated as smuggling.

    3. The Luggage Inspection

        a. Customs may impose inspection on the luggage and the persons concerned at both the Red Channel and the Green Channel. Any undeclared goods, false or fraudulent statement detected at site shall be processed pursuant to the customs anti-smuggling regulations and other related laws.

        b. Do not carry luggage or baggage for anyone else. Penalty will be imposed on whoever is in possession of violated articles.

        c. One member of a family group may declare for all under the presence of the family group at scene.

       d. The one being selected for inspection is liable for the unpacking and the restoration of suitcases.


    4. Temporary Storage for Customs Clearance

        a. If the declared goods could not be released on site, such goods should be sealed and put in the customs warehouse for temporary storage until the passenger oneself or one's authorized representative completes clearance process. If filed the passenger should take back and fly out with these good. Please refer to 「Temporary Storage for Customs Clearance」.


III. Contact Information
Baggage Inspection Section, Kaohsiung Airport Branch: +886-7-8057743



In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the latter shall prevail.

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