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When to Declare

I. Carrying cigarettes or alcohol in excess of the duty-free allowance.
Please refer to 「Tobacco Products and Alcohols」.


II. Carrying Other luggage or goods in excess of the duty-fry allowance.
Please refer to 「Duty Exempt Items」.


III. Carrying any endangered species of wild fauna, flora and related products listed in “CITES”, or and excessive quantity of items which might be used for the purpose of money laundering.
Please refer to 「Must Know」.


IV. Carrying fruits, plants, perishables, live animals or products thereof.
    1. Do not carry any fresh fruit.

    2. Do not carry live plants and their products (excluding those meeting the requirements stated in the Plant Protection and Quarantine Act).

    3. Do not carry live animals and their products, but those listed below are excluded:

        a. dried/processed aquatic products

        b. dogs, cats, rabbits and animal products meeting the requirements stated in the Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Disease
Please refer to 「Pets」.

    4. For importation/exportation of any items subject to the regulations on wildlife conservation, and importation/exportation permit shall be submitted in accordance with related regulations.

    5. For further information about the regulations governing the vaccination and inspection of animals and plants, please visit the website of the Bureau of animal & Plant Health Inspection & Quarantine, Council of Agriculture (BAPHIQ).

※If passengers are found to be carrying products subjected to quarantine, those who carry plants with soil, birds or meat brought from infected areas, or any other items subjected to quarantine, shall be referred to the BAPHIQ for further actions. Those incurring criminal responsibilities shall be transferred to investigating authorities for further legal actions.

Arriving passengers having doubts regarding quarantine regulations may consult the BAPHIQ counter (near the baggage carousel 5) for more information.


V. Carrying agricultural products (including products made in China), medicine or environmental pesticides not for personal use.
Please refer to 「Agricultural or Food Products」, 「Medicines, Cosmetics and Medical Devices」,「Environmental Pesticides and Veterinary Drugs」.


VI. Carrying restricted or controlled articles.
Please refer to 「Controlled Items and Others」.


VII. Unaccompanied baggage
Please refer to 「Unaccompanied Baggage」.


VIII. Carrying any other articles which are not subject to duty exemption, are entitled to declaration or inspection

※Please consult Customs officers in advance if you are not sure about the regulations so as to avoid any penalty. If you are in doubt whether your luggage or goods are qualified for the green line clearance, please clear your luggage at the red line counter.

※Don’t carry baggage for any other person. Passengers shall bear legal liabilities for any prohibited, restricted or dutiable articles inside the baggage.




In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the latter shall prevail.

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