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Kaohsiung Customs Seizes Outbound Passenger's Undeclared Cash of USD 63,000

Kaohsiung Customs (KHC) expressed that a Chinese female passenger, who intended to board the EVA Air Flight BR-706 to Shanghai, was found carrying undeclared USD 63,000 during a security inspection on July 2, 2021. Due to her violation of Paragraph 4, Article 12 of the Money Laundering Control Act, the cash was seized in accordance with Article 36 of the Administrative Penalty Act for follow-up action.

        Pursuant to Article 3 of the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations for Cross-border Declaration and Reporting, when entering or leaving Taiwan, passengers or crew members carrying cash in foreign currencies in a combined amount exceeding USD 10,000 should declare to Customs on their own initiative. While failure to declare leads to the confiscation of the undeclared cash, false declaration remains subject to confiscation of the amount in excess of the declared value.

KHC urges that cross-border travelers carrying the following money laundering controlled items shall honestly declare to Customs:

1. Cash in foreign currencies, including currencies issued by Hong Kong or Macau, in an aggregate value exceeding USD 10,000

2. Cash in New Taiwan dollars in an aggregate value exceeding TWD 100,000

3. Securities bearing a total face value more than USD 10,000

4. Gold in an aggregate value exceeding USD 20,000

5. Items that might be used for the purpose of money laundering (i.e. diamonds, precious stones and platinum which are not for personal use) in an aggregate value exceeding TWD 500,000

6. Currencies issued in the Mainland Area (Mainland China) in an aggregate value exceeding CNY 20,000

For more details, please visit the website of Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance for the customs clearance guide for inbound/outbound passengers or dial 0800-711209 (+886-800-711209) for inquiries.

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2021-08-06