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Kaohsiung Customs and Evergreen Marine Corporation Sign MOU to Improve Cargo Monitoring and Container Terminal Operation

Director of Kaohsiung Customs (KC), Su Shwu-Jane, and Chief Executive Vice President of Evergreen Marine Corporation (EMC), Wu Kuang-Hui, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on June 11 to introduce Internet of Things (IoT) technology to achieve Container Terminal Automation and build automated lanes at the gates of the container terminals. This pilot project aims to retrieve real-time cargo/vehicle information during transport for value-added application, without impacting cargo safety, to strengthen the customs supervision as well as optimize the terminal operation.

In an attempt to establish a brand-new security mechanism for comprehensive cargo monitoring from point to point, KC plans to construct automated lanes at the gates of the terminals in accordance with the Customs Administration's “IoT Cargoes Monitoring Plan” so that the real-time information of the cargoes and the vehicles passing through the lanes can be captured and transmitted to the customs platform by IoT technology, effectively improving cargo monitoring.

In terms of streamlining the terminal operation, KC further stated, “This project also enables EMC to develop its automated container monitoring system to record the goods/containers entering or exiting the controlled area, which efficiently replaces manpower with monitoring equipment.”

This collaborative project will be carried out based on mutual benefits and ensured cargo safety, laying a solid foundation for enhanced trade facilitation and security for both sides to cope with the dynamic challenges of global trade.


Issued:Secretariat Release date:2021-07-23