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Protect Your Rights and Interests Wisely Using Taxpayer Rights Protection Ombudsman Services

According to Kaohsiung Customs (KHC), Customs set up taxpayer rights protection ombudsman services to provide taxpayers with consultation and assistance. The ombudsman services aim to improve communication between the tax collection authorities and taxpayers. Taxpayers are encouraged to make good use of the services and apply for them online.

KHC further states that in the event of the taxpayer's rights protection, the provisions of the Taxpayer Rights Protection Act (lex specialis) shall be applied preferentially. If any disputes arise between taxpayers and tax collection authorities, or if taxpayers feel their rights and interests are infringed and decide to seek administrative remedy, they can turn to taxpayer rights protection ombudsmen for assistance.

The ombudsman services include:

1. To communicate and coordinate tax disputes.

2. To accept complaints or petitions of taxpayers.

3. To provide essential consultation and assistance when taxpayers seek administrative remedy in accordance with laws.


Taxpayers are encouraged to apply for the services via KHC's official website

or phone calls. For further information, please visit the official website or contact its Legal and Seizure Affairs Division (Tel: 07-5628251). Customs ombudsman services are always at your service.

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2023-06-26