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A Video Consultation on Taxpayer Rights Protection Takes Personal Epidemic Prevention And Taxpayers' Opinions Into Account

Kaohsiung Customs (KHC) states that COVID-19 has triggered a global pandemic in recent years. Although the lockdown has been gradually lifted recently, KHC attaches great importance to personal prevention measures.  KHC takes epidemic prevention and taxpayers’ rights into account, providing not only in-person consultations but remote video consultations as well. Indeed, it increases the convenience for taxpayers to use taxpayer rights protection ombudsman service through video consultations.

KHC further states that taxpayers could communicate and coordinate with the taxpayer rights protection ombudsman virtually or face to face. If necessary, taxpayers could inquire the relevant operation from taxpayer rights protection ombudsman offices of KHC.

In accordance with Paragraph 3 of Article 12 of the Taxpayers’ Rights Protection Act, KHC reminds that taxpayers may take video and audio recording of the process of communication and coordination by themselves or on request. Furthermore, taxpayers are encouraged to apply for video consultations as a cost saving measure, who could save the recording by using the recording function of computer software at home, rather than apply for the audio-visual recording discs (charge a fee).  For further information, please contact customs ombudsman service (Tel:07-5628251).

Issued:Secretariat Release date:2023-10-06