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Customs regions: 
(1) Jurisdiction covering both a harbor and an international airport:

With Kaohsiung International Airport and Kaohsiung harbor (including122 wharves) operating, the jurisdiction of Kaohsiung Customs includes land, sea and air fields. Kaohsiung International Airport


(2) Express cargo clearance service for 24-hour:

Express cargo clearance service To speed up Customs clearance and improve administrative efficiency, Kaohsiung Customs offers 24-hour cargo express clearance services which meet citizens 'and merchants' need.


(3) Outstanding performance of Cigarette smuggling

Being one of the major transportation centers in the West Pacific area, Taiwan is always threatened by rampant smuggling activities. Nevertheless, Kaohsiung Customs has performed very well in cigarette smuggling recently. The average estimated market price of illicit cigarettes is over NT$10 million annually, ranked first among all of the customs. cigarette smuggling


(4)“Megaports Initiative” cooperation with the U.S.

Megaports Initiative The Megaports Initiative was set up by the U.S. government in 2003 to deter the illicit trafficking in nuclear and radioactive material in many of the world’s largest ports. Since 2006, our country signed the memorandum of Megaports Initiative with the U.S, we’ve cooperated for more than 10 years, and successfully guarded the border safety.



(5) Promotion of the  "FTZ"  and the  "Maritime Express Handling Units"

The FTZ (Free Trade Zone) and the Maritime Express Handling Units both are the development priorities of Kaohsiung Customs. The FTZ provides reduction or exemption of tariff and free entry- exit services, reducing restrictions of transnational goods. While the Maritime Express Handling Units offers quickly-cleared transportation method for shipping good, especially which import from neighboring regions and countries.  Promotion of the  FTZ




Issued:Information Management Office Release date:2021-06-21