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History of KHC


Origin of Kaohsiung Customs:

In 1864: William Maxwell, an Englishman, arrived at Takao (Kaohsiung) Harbor, and founded the first Customs office in Kaohsiung. One year later, Tainan Branch was set up.

Under Japan's colonial rule (1895-1944):

In 1895: Taiwan was ceded to Japan following the Sino-Japanese war that ended with the treaty of Shimonoseki. As a result, the original Kaohsiung Customs office became one of the branches under jurisdiction of An-Ping Customs in Tainan.

In 1934: With the completion of Kaohsiung Port which later became the most important and largest international harbor in southern Taiwan, Kaohsiung Customs was officially established. At the same time, Kaohsiung Customs and Keelung Customs became the biggest customs offices in southern and northern Taiwan respectively.

KHC has been renamed five times from 1945 till now:

In 1945: Taiwan territory was regained from Japan under the central government’s supervision. Directorate General of Customs took over the Customs office, renaming it as “Tainan Customs.”

In 1969: Again, it was renamed “Kaohsiung Customs.”

In 1991: It was renamed as “Kaohsiung Customs Bureau,” supervised by Ministry of Finace.

In 2003: It was renamed as “Kaohsiung Customs Office” after being verified by Research Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan. 

In 2013: It was renamed again as “Kaohsiung Customs” as a result of the organization reform.








Release date:2013-01-01