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Import Sea / Air Cargo Clearance
No. Title Publish time Click number
1 Where can I find the Cusotms import tariff ? What should I do if I am not sure the correct import tariff for my imported goods? 2021-05-19 226
2 There are three columns of import tax rate and I would like to know which one shall apply on my imported commodity. 2021-05-19 332
3 What are the procedures for foreign firms to import exhibition goods in order to attend exhibitons held in Taiwan? 2021-05-19 194
4 After study abroad, I would like to send my luggage to Taiwan, what are the procedures? 2021-05-19 227
5 The import regulation upon masks of textile materials. 2021-05-19 204
6 Can I declare to the Customs by myself instead of entrusting a Customs broker and what documents should I submit? 2021-05-19 192
7 How to apply for an import declaration duplicate and is there an English version? 2021-05-19 191
8 Does the Customs provide clearance service on Saturday? 2021-05-19 665
9 I return unused and tax-paid cargo to the foreign seller, shall I apply for the refund of duty and tax? 2021-05-19 215
10 How long does it take to issue an import certificate? 2013-11-13 211
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