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Import Sea / Air Cargo Clearance

No. Title Publish time
1 My company this year exported fabric materials to Vietnam to process. After the Vietnam factory cut some materials, it discovered there were some quality deficits and asked to return them back. Can those goods be imported, also exempted from duties as Taiwanese goods, after verified the export declaration? 2013-11-13
2 How can I do if I want to import or export the human remains or ashes? 2013-11-13
3 Why were our cargoes examined and we have to pay for the cost of cargo exams? 2013-11-13
4 How long does it take to issue an import certificate? 2013-11-13
5 How can I know, before importation, whether an expense in connection with imported goods is dutiable in order to calculate the cost of the import? 2013-11-13
6 Are the fabric from china for making apparel importable? 2013-11-13
7 When will the Customs auction off smuggled and overdue goods? How can I get the information about the auction? 2013-11-13
8 What documents are required to import alcoholic beverage? 2013-11-13
9 How do I get the trade statistics information (import/ export) on a specific product? 2013-11-13
10 What is the time of trade statistics (imports/ exports) data recording and basis of statistical value of goods? 2013-11-13
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