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1 How can I do if I want to carry goods abroad? 2021-05-10 286
2 What articles a passenger may bring in duty free? 2021-05-10 264
3 Is there any limit on the amount of New Taiwan Dollars, Chinese currency (Renminbi), other foreign currencies and negotiable securities brought into or taken out of Taiwan by passengers? 2021-05-10 917
4 How much gold can I carry across the border? 2021-05-10 879
5 What kind of food products am I allowed to carry into Taiwan regarding tightening border inspections against African swine fever(ASF)? 2021-05-10 302
6 Can I carry fruits into the country? 2021-05-10 240
7 Can I carry animals/plants or the related products into Taiwan? 2021-05-10 272
8 Can the protected wildlife and products thereof be brought in or taken out of the country by passengers? 2021-05-10 253
9 What does unaccompanied baggage mean?Is there any prescribed period for import of unaccompanied baggage or customs clearance? 2021-05-10 5604
10 Passengers who bring samples or personal-use items abroad and plan to bring them back in the future. What should be applied? 2021-05-10 235
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