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Export Postal Articles

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Postal Articles in Small Amount

1. Postal articles not subject to licensing requirements

(a) Articles excluded from “List of Goods Subject to Export Restriction” may be exported by business firms without limitation, but the amount of such articles exported by individuals is limited to US$20,000 in value (FOB), or its equivalent in other currencies.

(b) Articles included in “List of Goods Subject to Customs Verification” shall be dealt with according to the procedures prescribed in the list.

2. For the articles not exceeding US$5,000 in value (FOB), or its equivalent in other currencies, a Customs Declaration Form shall be lodged together with a Postal Dispatch Note. But, for U.S.-bound shipments, only a Customs Declaration Form is needed. In case a shipment contains commercial articles or samples, the invoices shall be attached.

3. If any export postal article (not exceeding US$5,000 in value (FOB), or its equivalent in other currencies) has any of the following conditions, the Declaration for the article shall be made at the post office with customs officers stationing there:

(a) Subject to export regulations under applicable legislations.

(b) Object for which duplicates of declarations for the purpose of requesting duty drawback or offset of bonding is required.

(c) Object that is returned or re-exported and needs to be cross-checked with the original import declaration.

(d) Export declarations other than the Export Declaration for Domestic Goods (Export Declaration “G5”) or Re-Exported Foreign Goods (Export Declaration “G3”).

(e) Other postal articles subject to customs declaration in accordance with other laws.


  • Publish Date:2015-07-22
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