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Detectors Dogs Assigned to Masago Music Festival in The Prevention of Drugs Circulation2014-09-25
Do Not Bring Excessive Medicines When Returning from Happy Trip2014-07-25
To Stay Away from Fines, Fresh Vegetables, Fruits Not Allowed to Carry When Returning from Family Visits2014-07-25
By Using the X-ray Equipment, Taichung Customs Seized Smuggled Rice2014-07-21
Keelung Customs Holds Hiking With Its Stakeholders to Mark Tax Day 20142014-07-16
Keelung Customs Holds a Joint Meeting to Enhance Partnership with Its Stakeholders2014-07-11
Keelung Customs Awards Outstanding Certified Personnel Dealing with Self-management Operations2014-07-09
Dialogue between Customs and ECCT an Unprecedented Success2014-06-27
Keelung Customs Holds English Speech Contest2014-06-12
The 2014 International Customs Workshop is being held in Taipei by the Ministry of Finance2014-05-27
Keelung Customs Busts 134 kgs of Ketamine Concealed in a Shipment of Import Cargo2014-05-22
Taichung Customs Intercepts Undeclared Peanuts Hidden in Imported Camellia Seeds2014-04-11
Keelung Customs Busts 24 kgs of Ketamine2014-04-08
The Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) on AEO between Taiwan and Singapore has been in operation2014-04-02
Keelung Customs Urges Customs Brokers To File Export Declaration Data in XML Format2014-03-20
Keelung Customs Holds an Inter-agency Workshop to Enhance Anti-smuggling Operations2014-03-17
Bravo! Kaohsiung Customs Hunts Down Another Container Load of Smuggled Cigarettes Valued at 20M NTD2014-02-12
Kaohsiung Customs Seizes Container Load of Smuggled Cigarettes─Market Price Valued at 25M NTD2014-02-11
Keelung Customs Busts a Large Shipment of Smuggled Cigarettes During the Lunar New Year Holidays2014-02-06
Chao-hsiang Liao Sworn in as Director of Keelung Customs2014-01-23
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